So I've been making very good progress on my my linux app using python and pygame. I have it playing mp3 and ogg files via sdl and any video files I've thrown at it using mplayer. This include mpeg/dixv/xvid/real/wmp/dvd/quicktime.. pretty much any formate support by mplayer this can play. i've also tested some streaming and that worked great.

I just have to figure how how to get python to accept user input when a movie is playing in full screen and then make a nice GUI and i'll but out a beta and hopefully get a sourceforge account and add everything into a CVS.

Why do I have a windows also?. Python is a great language. It works on almost any platform you can through at it since its code is in bytecode. Also there is an mplayer port for windows. I tested my code on windows and it works great with mplayer installed. The movies take a bit longer to load up but other then that it works.