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Thread: New install this weekend...Which OS should I load?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snootch
    Gork, What about the RC2-019 on that page? It looks like it plugs into a PCI slot, and allows you to plug in 3 PCI devices into it. Using that, I could have a PCI FM tuner card, AND a PCI Audigy 2 card in the M10000's 1 PCI slot?
    Yeah, 3 PCI riser sounds better. Geforce4 MX graphics, Audigy Sound, TV-Tuner.
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    Correct. The single PCI slot on the Mini-ITX boards are actually wired so that you can break them out into two seperate slots, but no more. This riser card has a PCI to PCI bridge on it that puts another PCI bus in the machine and the new bus has three PCI slots on it.


    Problem is they are still going the wrong direction for you.. away from the motherboard, not back over it. You'd still need a PCI extender to flip the thing over...

    Also, since this is over a PCI bridge, I'm not sure if the BIOS will like a video card in here.. Windows/Linux might be able to get it to recognize/work, but even still, your performance may suffer a bit.. You'd just have to try to be sure
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