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Thread: Alpha Release: XMPC-CAR for XM

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    jbors: Yes. it will probably be linux-only for the time being. SDL_perl is a decent library and thread-safe so it works fine for me. Drawing is done via OpenGL with the text rendering handled by OGLFT and FreeType libraries. I am developing it on top of X but because of SDL, it should work fine in DirectFB also (though I have not yet seen working SDL OpenGL acceleration in DirectFB) I am the guy who has been talking to you off and on regarding the EPIA-M LinuxBIOS issues, btw...
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    Yes I know.
    But why do you need OpenGL though ?
    I've seen some efforts to support DRI under DirectFB, so you may need to take a look again.

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    When I load the VB project I get an error saying that :

    Threed32.ocx could not be loaded. The program runs fine with out it. Where can I delete the reference to it?

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    To bad
    I just cannot get this nice software to work. I have tried comport 1-9
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck
    To bad
    I just cannot get this nice software to work. I have tried comport 1-9

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhowse
    I rellay like what you are doing. I'm looking at putting together a Carputer and incorporating an XM PCR. My question:

    Is there a converter you can use so that the XM PCR can utilize an existing car antenna? Visibility is everything with XM in the car. Hiding the standard XM PCR antenna in the dash will probably make it unusable.


    check Future Shop or Best Buy. I know Future shop in canada now sells them.

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    XMPC-CAR for XM modified to fit 640x480 touchscreen...

    I'm know I'm late getting to the XM-PCR party but I just bought one off eBay and installed it on my car computer about a month ago. I then found gork's wonderful app. Thanks to gork's generosity I was able to compile a modified version of his XMPC-Car Tuner to fit my 640x480 touchscreen. The problem was that the signal meters scrolled off the screen so I played around with the formatting in the source code until it fit my touchscreen. Below is a link to my modified .exe and a screenshot. BTW, I use a dark desktop theme on my car computer so the screen won't blind me at night. Also the red and blue font colors blend in perfectly with my Jetta's dash lighting scheme.

    XMPC-CAR.exe modified to fit 640x480 touchscreen

    Some additional XM icons I made

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    I've been using using Gork's XM app for almost two years now. It's nice to see someone working with the code again. The only problem I have with this app is that it will not resume from hibernation. The app has to be manually closed before the pc is put into hibernation and the app has to be reopened.

    Do you know how to fix this? I think the XM interfaces embeded in Mediaengine and Frodoplayer can resume from hibernation would be nice if this app could also.

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    Use Frodo's satellite player x alpha 3.. from what i understand xm pcr and xmd1000 (with modified cables) are compatible so the software should work. i use it with my xmd1000 and it resumes from hibernation perfectly and is very nicely designed..
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