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Thread: why do you like ME?

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    Question why do you like ME?

    I, like so many, loved ME1.77 and waited with anticipation for ME2. I loved the nice integrated interface of ME and expected ME2 to deliver more of the same.
    Now, i am somewhat disapointed with ME2. I guess there are some things i was hoping/expecting to see in the new release that we didn't get and there are some things which are just annoying bugs e.g. the vis. ending after each song?!?!?!

    I emplore you, if you are like me and were ONLY looking out for ME2, to check out the other car PC front ends. Some have EXCELLENT functionality and great support from the developers.

    Check out MediaCar and Carbox in the software developers forum. Mediacar is MOST DEFINITELY my favourite front end now, easily eclipsing the current version of ME. It has some really slick features and tries very hard to integrate any external app. as well as the std. mp3s and movies. The developer (coyote) is also very good/fast with his updates. He incorporated 2 of my feature requests within _2_ days!

    I think ME was a great leader of the pack, but now the competition has caught up and is looking VERY good. I hope the ME developers can continue improving the product to the point where we have 2 or 3 competing front ends for our car PCs and it will be us users enjoying the benefits

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    check also mediacruiser...

    Of course MediaCar is a great prog! (MediaCar was started before mediacruiser)

    Coyote is a great programmer.

    Know him since a long time from the french forum

    watch-out the competitor! Take a few minute to test those program...

    Other great software:




    carmedia rulez...
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    I don't speak French... can someone tell me where to go to get info on MediaCar in English?

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    I like that "neocar" software but I am pretty much sold on MediaCar. I;m using it now and am totaly pleased with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickCarl
    I don't speak French... can someone tell me where to go to get info on MediaCar in English?
    MEDIACAR V1.0 is now available


    The first Belgian PC fully integrated in a car :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickCarl
    I don't speak French... can someone tell me where to go to get info on MediaCar in English?
    Just go to 'software' on the menu on the left- it's still in French as it's a graphic but it kinda translates quite well... Anyways, once on the software page, you'll see the link right at the very top.

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    Is this really the appropriate forum to discuss alternatives to ME ?

    So I don't look like an idiot: (In case this is moved, this was in the ME forum)
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    this is not the place to discuss an alt to ME. This should be taken or moved to software and not the ME sub forum. Thanks
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