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Thread: Why do we need car Front End software?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redbullah
    A front-end software ensures you that the application will start as usual.
    What would you think if your pc ask you:

    Shall i clean the unused icons? or There is a unknown error? or other silly windows issues.

    A front-end gives you a solid platform without a suprise.
    Second point, what do you want to do with your computer that you can't do with a front-end as you are driving.
    Aside from the whole "replying to an ancient thread" issue, you do realize you can turn all of those popup notifications off, right? And that you can have whatever program(s) you want start automagically, right?

    One reason to skip the front end is that it lets you use apps that aren't skinned for carpc use...
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    well, not to flog a dead horse, but i like to be able to talk to the developer/s.
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    What developers? Which app.
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    He likes talking to the developer of whatever app he is going to use... so if he uses RR,, he can talk to guino on here, if he uses ME he can talk to you on here, and so forth.... i think thats what Macboy80 means

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    All I have to say about the frontend thing is Roadrunner, Girder and an old Kenwood remote.

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    I starting read this thread and I though I was gonna make fun of this noob, then I saw that hijinks made a post, and I thought wow this has got to be a old thread, so I looked to the left and low and behold it was.

    Damn thread revivals.
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