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Thread: Programming Newbie

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    Programming Newbie

    I have a minimal understanding of programming as I am starting to take classes at school. I have learned all of the basics of Object Oriented Programming using Java.

    My question is to all the programmers here is where did you get started?
    I would like to learn Visual Basic or C++ to eventually starting to write my own front end software.

    Does anyone know of any good books or online tutorials on learning Visual Basic?

    Like I said, I know the basics of writing code but I just wouldn't know where to start to learn how to do this.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?


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    Normally it's best to understand the logic and mechanics of programming before you start learning a particular language. Things like variables, loops, conditionals, functions/procedures, etc are common to all programming languages. That's why colleges offer programming courses using a "teaching" language first so that students can learn these concepts without having to worry too much about the syntax. I learned to program on FORTRAN (am I giving away my age?) but have applied that knowledge to Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic, C, C++, Java, etc.

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    The Visual Basic Bible is good

    As far as sites go try these.

    I have a huge list elsewhere, i will see if I can dig it up.
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