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Thread: WIN XP Remote Desktop no password?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zPilott View Post
    The problem with this method is that when you get back to the carputer after a remote session you need to put in a password at that point. The other method (allowing RD with no password) will allow you to just click enter on the logon screen.
    Ah yes, I noticed this, but it's not a big issue for me, I have a small wireless keyboard and can still enter password easy. And I hope to be using remote sessions less an less as I sort the system out... Or doesn't it work that way, i.e as I get more used to playing with the set up I end up changing more stuff

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    If you download the latest version of the remote desktop client which they made for Vista (it shows as optional update on windows update) it lets you save a username and password combination for each server (or you can do it with the normal XP version but you need to save the session with the password and launch the session, not just the remote desktop client) - that lets you keep all the password functionality, but automate your login from your house.

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    The version that comes with XP does this too, but that isn't really an issue, he wants to automate login in the car.

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    You need to remove the password, if any, from your remote car computer, by opening*control panel ->user accounts->manage passwords. In order to access remote desktop of car computer, you can use various remote support services such as, etc.

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