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Thread: Bluetooth Phone App - Freeware

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    Bluetooth Phone App - Freeware

    Could this bloke hel you programmers ? I remeber a converstaion with Sy ( Gingerprince ) saying he could not get an SDK to do the phone bit.... could this be any use as it has SDK with it ?

    Not been a programer I don't know for definate but I thought I should stick it here asap... what a function to have.

    Also heres a pay for one... looks good... noticed they are giving a copy away on PC Format I think...

    If any one has a copy and tried it I'd be intrested to see what you think.


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    concerning BVRP Mobile Phone Tools,it seems that you can download and use it free if you own a Com One BlueLight USB Bluetooth dongle(but the price for that is 78 + tax)

    any use?

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