In VB6, when my application starts, it runs "winamp.volume (128)" as one of the commands in the form_load procedure. This not only sets Winamp to a preset volume level so that the application's displayed volume level can be properly synchronized, it also causes Winamp to load if it is not already running.
What I've suddenly run into is that whenever I send anything to Winamp, it opens the "open file" dialog, which is hidden by the application screen, so that I'm never aware that it has opened. The net effect is that if I try to load a playlist, of course, Winamp is unable to accept any input at the moment (because of the open dialog), and my application promptly spits out a crash error and shuts the app down, or the app simply shuts down suddenly.

Anybody have any experience with Winamp asking for a file to open right off the bat at start? This is bugging me badly, since it all seemed to work just fine until I added the capability to play a video through it. It seems to me that part of the problem is that Winamp remembers its last played file, so that when I close it and restart it (during testing), it's attempting to open a video, which for some reason doesn't work the same way that music files do, and so asks me to identify a file to open. Possibly a problem with wanting to read ID3 info. I don't know. Maybe if there were a way to "wipe" the last-played playlist or file before Winamp starts up? Any ideas people?

Nevermind. Stupid me. I was using a winamp direct command to rely on opening it instead of just calling its silly *** from a SHELL command. Blah. Works fine now.

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