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Thread: WinAMP 5.01 out (already???)

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    WinAMP 5.01 out (already???)

    Here it is...

    Here's what's new...

    Winamp 5.01:
    * fixed gen_ml selection bug
    * added gen_ml option for no guessing at all
    * made AVS and SPS support loop() in user code
    * made AVS support megabuf() in user code
    * made pro installer not prompt for regkey if already valid
    * improved font directory retrieval in gen_ff
    * added content rating system in Internet TV's listing
    * added bandwidth usage statistic in Internet Radio/TV listings
    * made media library guess from filename only when NO metadata found
    * added seperate recent items tracking options for files/streams
    * made installer better handle installing wa5 directly over wa3.
    * added milkdrop docs to installer
    * made uninstaller not remove winamp directory if not empty (user is
    now required to do so manually to avoid people going "oops")
    * made installer check sonic px.dll versions and prompt for reboot
    * fixed nsv metadata querying bugs
    * fixed gen_ml guessing bugs for files with metadata that are not in DB
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    Man, those guys are as quick about changing their versions as I change mine on AIS. pretty cool I'll have to check it out.
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