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Thread: Easiest software (pls help)

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    Easiest software (pls help)

    Firstly, this is an awesome site! Very informative.

    I'm planning on installing a carputer with touchscreen lcd. The install part of it i am very capable of doing, however it's the software i have no idea about. I have absolutely NO programming background (or similar).

    What would you guys recommend as very easy software to use? I want it to look really nice, but without having to many problems. I've downloaded myHTPC but i'm even struggling with that If i've got a skin for it, how do i then utilise all the buttons?

    Any help would be great!


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    Take a look at the stickied thread at the top of this forum, it lists many front end software solutions that many are running.

    I personally am using MediaCar, and have used MediaEngine in the past, both of which are very easy to use

    You will probably find youself trying out many/all of them before you decide which to put in the car!

    Welcome to the forums, btw Remember that the is your friend

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    In my opinion, MediaCar is eaiser and more user-friendly. I also like the stability of it verses MediaEngine. Try them both, but I think you will like mediacar better.
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