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Thread: I See alot of things have changed

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    Talking I See alot of things have changed

    Catching up on all the stuff going on...
    Author of CobraI,II,III and now CobraIV.
    You can contact me on AOL instant messenger....nick is cenwesi or cenwesi3

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    hey cenwsi, I use to talk to you on AIM many many years ago. actually around 2000-2001. It was when you had that 7" overhead screen that wasnt TFT and you were just getting tft. We used to talk about cobra3. I was using cobra 2 for the longest time. LOL Its so funny to see you again. ima gunna drop you a line on AIM. later....

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    Yeah same here,used to talk to you on AIM man ur the founder of car mp3!!
    Cobra 1 and 2 and then 3!!! shame u didnt make cabra 4, carplayer sp freeware too!! ohh well!
    Co Develper of A.I.M.E.E Automotive Intelligent Multimedia Entertainment Engine

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