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Thread: Additional window string!

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    Additional window string!


    Ill try to explain my problem the best way (in english... pfuh )

    For my carputer im using MediaCar.
    GPS-Software im using: Navigon-Mobilenavigar (best 4 europe i think incl. austria, germany, italy...)

    If i start the ME, all works fine. If i want to start the Mobilenavigator, the programm shows fullscreen on my display (lilliput 7") and the sound is going on.. so far.. all right.

    but if i have the navigation running, and i want to change a mp3, i have to full shutdown the nav-application and start again after the chanche.

    the checkbox "embedded" isnt very usefull. there isnt a difference between checked and unchecked.

    know i found in the ME-setting under gps the additional window string. perhaps i can solve my problem with that.

    my idea is, that the taskbar is visible when the navigation is running. so i could easily change the programs without shutting down something.

    or any other ideas?!

    thank you,
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    Change your screen dimensions for ME so that the task bar is still visible. Instead of 800x600 make it 800x540 or something like that. You'll have to adjust for your screen. This works for me using MediaCar and I'm pretty sure you can do the same in ME.

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    The "additional window search string" will be part of the name of your GPS software. For example, I would try entering *navigator* as the string. Providing the software has a title of "blahblahNavigatorblah" then it will find it, and run it embedded in MediaCar. Then, you can use the Exit (rather than close) at the top of the screen to get back to the main menu of MediaCar, without closing down the GPS software fully

    Hopefully coyote (the writer of MediaCar) will allow us to control the music from wherever we are in the program

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