I am going to build a car mp3 and from what I learned it is best to start simple. Well I am simple now. I use Belkin I-ROck with my laptop sitting in the passenger seat. I start up the laptop before I start hit play on winamp turn to 88.7 and away I got. I am mildly impressed with the fm quality through my laptop compared to the other FM stations. So I have proven it works and sounds good. Now I want to build a fixed unit. I have a 98 blazer....

To start simple I will try to get an old laptop or just build a mini-itx PC (budget $300) with inverter and removable drive for installs. I will use a matrix mx LCD to control winamp. I want MP3 playback first,, everything else can follow in time.....

On to the software:
Using LCDC demo, looks awesome I can program what I want but I want to see if it is feasible with current plugins or are there people who have MP3 setup for LCDL already completed to start with. any websites?

1: Operate without monitor

2: boot directly into winamp and lcdc started when car turns on... (do i need software or bat to do this? how?)

3: LCD starts into winamp

4: main screen just starts playing last track. using arrows I can change current track within whatever folder/palylist I am in. ( i can add seperate displays that scoll various info for display etc) f1 and f2 could be shuffle, mute

5: using f1 or f2 keys I can scroll through different displays listed as options: (ROCK,RAP,CLASSICAL,SHOUTCAST,ALL/MIXES,FAVORITES,PLAYLIST,FILE,SETUP)

6: when I get to the menu I want for music genre I press f1 or f2 and it loads either that folder dir using plugin and I can browse subfolders for a particular band or have one playlist for all.... when I get there I press enter (f1 or f2) and winamp switches and starts playing that directory folder or playlist. HOW DO I LOAD WINAMP TO PLAYLIST OR FOLDERS TO PLAY?

7: For shoutcast(ripcast) I can syncronize and stream music say everynight to a folder for several stations. then when I want to just syncronize thos folders (wifi or usb) to my carpc. Under the shoutcast menu I can scroll to the various radio stations (smoothbeats.com etc..) then when I load that menu it does the same as #6 and starts playing anything in that folder.

8: all could take me to a folder containg one master playlist or mixed playlist that I creat (80's 70's). HOW DO I KEEP THIS UP TO DATE DYNAMICALLY AS I CHANGE for ALL FOLDERS?

9: all of these folder screens (6,7,8) are temporarily displayed, they time out and go to main if I don't do anything, or within the screen it starts playing the music and returns to the main screen.

10: in the main screen I would like to have a way to save to or bookmark a mp3 to one folder or playlist. For example If i stream 2 hours of ripcast and I hear a song I really like I can press F2 and it wil either save it to a favorites playlist or copy it to a favorites folder...

11: that way in 10 when I go to sync my carpc I will immediatlye have acces to the songs I like to hear on shoutcast and delete the rest for another day of streaming or whatever... Or I immediatley now what I can save or delete... etc.....

12: file manager;; just scroll through the harddrive and find songs manually.

13: playlist if folders don't work or playlist are better? can I just scroll through all of my available playlist within a folder including subfolders? that might elminate the other menus above. The question is how do I keep the playlist up to date automatically? or semi-auto

14: setup. I can see sound settings volumes, brightness etc.... Can i control what screens the main cycles through from here using LCDC?

15 shutdown winamp.. can i restart from lcdc? i didn't see that option

16: when I stop winamp, i can access other system screens, net connection, cpu etc...

17: anyone create LCDC screens for wifi connectivity. It would be cool to drive around and see where you are getting wifi service in your car??

I know this is long but any help on any topics or my overall scheme would be cool..