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Thread: New Linux Project (windows maybe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpattonm
    Try thinking about embedding Navigator instead
    Navigator claims to be available for both Win and Linux and has an SDK available.
    Also called Infomap navigator in the UK, available from Directions Limited , with a list of download updates and required files for Linux.
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    Is this great project still alive?
    XCar distro sounds so good and i've been waiting and waiting to see some progress
    and nothing big has happened
    I think Linux is the way to go but i'm forced to be an windows user and i actually
    have no skills to do other than use linux so i'm stuck....
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    From what I know, project is still alive but put on the back burner as the main programmer has gotten really busy. Hopefully with the end of summer and a return to more normal schedules for those working on this project things will pick up. Check at the xcar forums at for some more posts and stuff.

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    The forums for that site are at as mentioned in an earlier post, you might find more action there. The best of luck to these developers!

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    its still in our heads.. the main developer is getting slammed with work and the other one just got back from a month long vacation. This is also my business season.
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