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Thread: Play audio file at specific time of day?

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    Play audio file at specific time of day?

    Anyone know of any software that will play a list of specific audio files depending on the time of day?
    The ideal app would let me choose from a decent number of files (at least 5) and assign them to specific times of the day.

    Any ideas?

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    hell you can do that with the task scheduler
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    Frodo has a point. That would be the easiest and probably the best way to do it. However, you could write a VERY simple program in VB to do it if you need something that does more than just the event. The task scheduler wont do it in the background. It will open the application that runs waves or MP3s and possible in the minimized state.

    However, you can write a simple VB project to run in the background that will play the sounds at the times you want.

    Email me @ [email protected] if you need anymore info or want me to write it for you.

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    maybe banshee screemer alarm?

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    I got the best idea ever for this problem

    get a watch and a finger
    use the watch to tell time and when the time comes use the finger to play the song
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    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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