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    I only started writing this to experiment with some ways of saving a lot of data and to figure out the setGammaRamp api, but I soon realized I could fade between different gamma ramps.

    Most of you have probably seen those Sony decks with an LCD that fades between colors. This does just that-- it changes the hue of your screen the same way Media Car does, only you can choose a couple different colors and fade between them. It can also be configured to simply change the gamma of the screen without fading.

    How it works:
    There are profiles. Each of these defines a fade between multiple colors. They are what you see in the list on the bottom of the program. If you double click one of these profiles in the list, it will branch off so you can see its stages. Each stage defines one color, rate of fade, increment, etc. There are a few examples setup already.

    All the profile options are disabled because I haven’t bothered coding them as of yet. There are serious bugs in this too; should you try running it with without the ini file, it will explode. I only wanted to get it in a working state to see if the idea generates any interest. If people like it, I‘ll probably finish it.

    n.b. The gamma settings that make my display red may not yours. You may have to create your own gamma settings for each stage in the example profiles.
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    Good stuff...This is just fun to play with
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