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Thread: winamp playlist

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    winamp playlist

    Anyone know of any utilities that will take my media library and load/save each folder as a seperate play list.

    My music dir is sorted like this

    What i want to eventually do in the end, still not sure how. But i want to skip through my playlist as if i was just skipping to the next track in my play list.
    So if i had a skip button it would skip to the next artist or album and the next button would skip to the next song for whatever artist/album is currently loaded. I would also like to assign the functions to a key.

    Can I do this?


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    looks like no one is biteing. Ive been thinking about this a little more, maybe i need to explain what i want a tad bit better. Or basicly i have a clearer idea of what i want.

    Basicly i want to use winamp like it was a CD changer.
    I want to be able to skip through albums just as quickly as if i had a cd changer in my car.
    Somebody please tell me i can do this


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    you could make a seperate playlist for each album and write a program that would essentially clear the current playlist and load the new one everytime you hit a you're playlists in order like 1.m3u, 2.m3u, 3.m3u, etc and then (in VB because that all i know) write a function called WinAMP_OpenFile(filename as long) or something like that to load a file into the playlist then when you hit the "next cd" button have it read something like..
    public cdNumber as integer

    sub nextcd ()
    dim file as long

    SendMessage hwnd_winamp, WM_COMMAND, 40323, 0 '(clears playlist i think)
    cdNumber = cdNumber + 1
    file = cdNumber + ".m3u"
    WinAMP_OpenFile file
    end sub

    or something along those lines...thats assuming you can program.. and you'd also have to declare the original "cdNumer" as whatever value when the program loads (possibly by reading an ini file).
    and an on error statement when you get to the last playlist that would put it back to the first playlist.

    I'm real tired but i hope you get the not too sure if theres an actual program out there that does that. -Scott
    rebuilding carpc... kinda..

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    I am in course of making the very winamp playlist plugin.
    Process is slow, due to my having no experience in windows programming..
    I'm just a data structure student b.b

    These are the features I'm trying to embedd:
    - cd changing feel. explained by u.
    - text - voice: so "cd label" would be read by the computer!! neat eh?
    - interface by keyboard buttons, so I could use WinLirc or IRAssistant to emulate the buttons so I could use remote controls to control them

    yup. simple, but man that is alot for a data structure student with a D currently.
    no time too. hehe.

    meanwhile, search there is a plugin that does nearly what you want.

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    i use albumlist. works great and you can even put the cover art in the browser window. i get that from cd now.

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