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Thread: New MP3 Software

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    New MP3 Software

    I've wanted a computer in my car since before I could drive (I'm 21 now, so it's been a long time), and finally I'm making it happen. I got my hardware design pretty much fleshed out, but the software is where I ran into problems. Most software packages are designed for touch screens (which I think are totally impractical to use while driving) not to mention have ugly interfaces. REALLY ugly interfaces. So, I've decided to develop my own in-car mp3 playing software.
    My design goals are simple:

    * Easy to use.
    * Visually appealing.

    I've decided to make this project cross platform, so I'm using fmod for sound and OpenGL for 3d visualizations. The interface is driven through a series of on screen menus, options can be selected using the numbers 1 - 9 on an IR remote.

    So far it's working well enough to load up a series of playlists (your 'media library'), and play mp3's. Now the fun part starts, programming all teh visualizations and transitions.

    The system also uses it's own font rendering system and a custom typeface by a professional type designer friend of mine. (when a menu closes, it is 'absorbed' into the background visualizations)

    Would anyone be interested in something like this? I'm planning on releasing the complete source code (straight C/fmod/opengl), as well as windows binaries (mac and linux people will have to build on their own)

    Once I get some interesting visuals coded, I can post screenshots, but until then, does anybody have any suggestions/ideas/comments on this? (before anyone asks, I'm not really keen on the idea of adding in touchscreen support, I would have to totally redesign my interface, and like I said before, I think touchscreens are a total hack when there's a lack of another input alternative)

    I'd love feedback on this.

    - Kyle

    (Attached is a VERY VERY early screenshot of some test visualizations (the cubes pulse to the music))
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    Your efforts to create your own software have to be applauded however I believe that for the majority of incar PC users, the carcomputer is far more than just an MP3 player. The 3 or 4 main software packages being written at the moment include DVD, MP3, XM PCR, FM RADIO, GPS etc as well as an interface for external APPS to be run. These can generally be controlled either via the Touchscreen (big buttons make them easier to use) or via an IR keyboard or keypad.
    Also visualizations are provided via Winamp or WMP and there are a lot of downloadable choices for these.
    We are always willing to try out new software solutions but designing it from the start to be a univeral control system for incar functions might be better than focusing purely on an mp3 player

    Good luck


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    That looks real nice I like that cube.... I was going to cheat, and use mpd to play the mp3's and code a frontend in c (driving an alphanumeric display), i might look into this fmod.
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    get in touch with me when you can. the Xcar project is looking for something just like this. Right now we are looking for a vis to be done in openGL. I'm sure if you release the source we can look through it. The code base is there to use like 1024 channels of sound for the vis's. Let me know if you are interested.. this project sounds like a great idea to spice up static apps
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