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Thread: Favorite GPS Software

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    Favorite GPS Software

    First of all thanks to everyone who posted here, lots of good info.

    Just got done putting together a WinXP box for my Chevy Tahoe. I have a NMEA 2.0 GPS puck and a copy of Rand McNally Street Finder that came with it but I'm not keen on the software (Mainly because it won't calculate routes without the internet).

    What are peoples preference for navigation software? I'd like to try some out but no one has demos.

    Features I'd like are:-

    -Touchscreen friendly if possible
    -Route calculation without going on line
    -Possibly recalculate route on the fly, for when traffic backs up or whatever

    What does everyone use please and which software don't you like?

    Thanks again everyone


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    i love my deluo routis 2004

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    from the posts on this forum, it seems to be routis 2004 vs. copilot (and then a sub-clash between copilot 2003, and the new copilot LIVE 7)

    Routis / Copilot 2003
    GPS Software Round-Up

    LIVE 7
    New Copilot Reviews?

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