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Thread: Cajun-4-Win v0.1.0.17 Released.

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    Cajun-4-Win v0.1.0.17 Released.

    Changes include:

    Legend: ! = New Feature, B = Bugfix, M = Misc

    v0.1.0.17 25/05/2004 - Second Pre-Beta release.
    B - Fixed code to play new song at end of file (Thanks Froddo)
    ! - Added resume of playback if you exit while playing a song
    M - Enter (Return key) now does the same as double-clicking on dir/file list.
    M - Changed behaviour of FF/RW buttons to allow single click to advance 5 seconds, and double click advances 10 seconds. Helps when using a touchscreen.
    M - Changed behaviour of Vol Up/Down buttons to change Vol up/down 5% on a single click, and 10% on a double click.
    M - Added comments to settings.dat. You can change them manually, but make sure you get them right

    v0.1.0.10 23/05/2004 - Initial Release.
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