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Thread: My 'Install'

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileh1
    I only go the office once a week [snip]
    I hate you even more
    Brushed Metal Skin]
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    And to top it you've paired it with the crappiest head unit on the market.....infact I have that same one....
    (Yeah yeah...I did catch the temporary part. Just giving you a hard time for having a H1 and a crappy head unit. Feature wise to price it's nice, but it's cheaply constructed and if some of your buttons haven't worn out yet just keep waiting)

    Nice H1 though....and oh yeah - I hate you too :P

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    If I had an H2 I could understand, but the beautiful H1 ?
    H1 > H2 regardless of what mathmatics say.

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    I don't hate... nice truck. This looks like your first install. I'm sure improvements are coming too. Wouldn't suprise me if later on you went with FLIR.

    The Hummer is on my christmas list.
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    Do you need to fold your mirrors in to get it into the garage?

    I've always liked the H1s and RVs because of the huge open cockpit. So much space for so many things!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileh1
    There's more redundancy, the Icom 2720 (VHF/UHF) is also covered by the Icom 706 which can also do VHF/UHF. There are two batteries, two oil filters, two fuel tanks...

    Quote Originally Posted by mobileh1
    I installed the rear camera last weekend in the military rear lights. I dont have much need for the night vision bulb, so I was able to fit the camera into that space. Then ran the cables though the usual route to the front. I am not using the computer for this, since it was a pain to wait for bootup before using the camera. I have it wired to the monitor on one of its non VGA modes. The other is for a future front facing camera with 0 Lux capability.

    Quote Originally Posted by mobileh1
    I only go the office once a week

    Quote Originally Posted by mobileh1
    I was thinking that once I have my computer in for music and Nav, I am going to add another one to play around with this kind of thing. I used to write image processing software for a company that makes MRI units, so I am going to give that a try.
    dude, I hate you
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    As for XM, you could try the xm-pcr, which conects to the comp rather than the head unit.

    Another option would be an XM tuner that outputs through an fm-modulator like the pioneer GEX-P903 tuner. I think sony has a fm-mod. tuner as well.

    If you want direct conection, and the pcr doesn't suit you, pioneer's P910 tuner has both an input and outbut bus port. Just make sure the input will work, the older P900 had an input, but the documentation said it couldn't be used to add a changer or aux input. Which begs the question why was it there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileh1
    Why does everyone hate me?
    It's call jealousy!

    I only go the office once a week
    This makes me even more jealous!

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    Robiewp, the mirriors dont need to be folder in. In fact mine cannot be folded in. I swapped out the girlie power mirrors and put on the original HMMWV mirrors. Its the height that is the killer dimension. With roof rack its over 7 1/2 feet, so it doesn't fit in most home garages, or parking garages. The HF/VHF antenna's add another few feet to that. Rather than a garage its better to have a hanger! I can send you some pictures if you want to see how the 'west coast' mirrors look. This was my one and only attempt at welding. I borrowed a welder, then sat there all day playing with steel pipes until I was comfortable welding on the hummer. It worked out really well, although I was crapping myself that I was going to do something boneheaded. Welders scare the crap out of me.

    Ksmyarse, yes I know the head unit is only good for one thing - AUX, that was the only feature I was looking for at the time because ultimately things will all change in the vehicle. The current unit is just to keep me in tunes until I figure out the final arrangement. I am considering going headless and having the computer be everything. I am still working out if this will be reliable enough.

    If I still retain a head unit then I will probably go with the Clarion DXZ645MP - have you used this unit? Its black, thats the first requirement and it has AUX and satellite (Sirius - without using the AUX). It seems like it would be ok. Anyone here know much about XM vs Sirius. From what I understand XM uses a lot of ground repeaters and Sirius uses more sats, but how this translates into uninterrupted clarity I dont know. Anyone here been on the SF coast with either of these systems?

    Motorcity, I presume this was tongue in cheek, the FLIR system that is offered for the HMMWV is not much good, the projected image is very dim, which of course its meant to be if you are covert, you dont want a nice bright image giving away your location. However, for civilian use its of little value. Forward looking 0 lux cameras work *much* better. I experiemented with that somewhat and found it was possible to go driving over my fields in near total darkness. The cameras that purport to being 0 lux are actually sensitive to a wavelength that the accompanying LED's kick out, which, as it turns out, thanks to some convenient coincidence is roughly the same wavelength as the standard night light on the Hummer, so with that on and the camera + lilliput was quite happily driving in darkness. I wouldn't want to do it on unfamiliar terrain though, there was little depth perspective. Also, I dont spend a lot on these toys, the whole of the computer project was < $2k so far, $1K for computer, about $500 on software and the rest on GPS antenna etc etc. Nothing very expensive there. Thats the same as filling up with gas a few times out here in CA

    I am going to have to accept that I am hated I guess! Well, maybe if I can get some time, and figure out how to get co-pilot to embed I will redeem myself

    carpcnoobie; yes, first car install. In fact since the PC is just sitting on the dash its not really an install in the traditional sense of the word. Its a work in progress. I am in discussion with a custom shop to fab up something that will put these all together professionally. First though, I have to figure how if the computer is going to work reliably and what software etc... These are things the custom shop have no idea about. I am still playing with this stuff. I read here of a project that is using Qt on Linux *with* the brushed metal skins, this sounds like a great combination. I use Linux every day for my clients so I would rather use that if I could get all the software to work. The big problem is always GPS, there are no packages for Linux that are credible (gpsdrive is awfull), so thats the linux hurdle. Maybe copilot under vmware... This is why its not all plumbed in yet, still figuring it out. Besides, I dont want it all figured out because then I'd have nothing to play with For me this is more about the learning and experience of using a computer in a mobile environment.

    You might like to hear about Woz's mobile proxy server. He has squid caching his most frequently accessed web sites and has a WAP that allows others to use his proxy while driving near him (we tried this on the freeway), then his vehicle will 'attach' to access points when it can and refresh the cache, it also uses a cellular modem to provide live connectivity. It's not perfect and like my stuff more of a hobby than a serious attempt to do this. We are thinking about a mobile mesh network. We are both Ham radio heads too, and there are some interesting technologies in that area that might prove useful. So if you are ever behind me (or more likely, giving the speed characteristcis of a hummer), in front of me, try your WiFi with the ESSID set to MobileH1, you might just be able to check your email on the 280.
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    OMG WHAT ID GIVE FOR ONE OF THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better keep a eye open at night lol

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