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Thread: LMF 1.1 Released

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    LMF 1.1 Released

    Here is LMF 1.1, Now for MediaCar and MediaEngine.

    (It's a launch helper for those stubborn apps)

    © 2004 Kevin Lincecum
    frodo |at|
    Launch ************ ! v. 1.1.0
    Make a seperate directory for each app you want to launch.
    (Seperate LMF instances, ie. a whole new directory with all the files in this release.)
    Edit the LMF.INI file with the path to the program you want to launch.
    COMMANDLINE=C:\Program Files\XM Satellite Radio\XMMT.exe
    You should set UNLOAD=TRUE for MediaCar and set UNLOAD=FALSE for MediaEngine.
    For MediaCar
    Make a folder in the launch folder.
    Example: XM
    Make an XM.JPG in that folder.
    Make and XM.INI in the folder.
    In your XM.INI point it to an instance of LMF.EXE
    PATH = C:\Program Files\MediaCar\LAUNCH\XM\LMF.EXE
    TryEmbeddedTimeOut = 5
    For MediaEngine:
    Add LMF.EXE to your applications section in MediaEngine.
    Notes: Closing this app will NOT close the app you launch.
    You must close the called app manually.
    Have Fun,
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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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    This might be a stupid question, but would this work for CoPilot 7 too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peegee
    This might be a stupid question, but would this work for CoPilot 7 too?
    Why don´t you try?

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