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Thread: Updated XP Now I have to select a user every time?

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    I find it easier to download PowerToys for WindowsXP and use TweakUI to autologin since I use alot of the TweakUI features anyways.

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    The aspnet_wp or ASP.NET Machine Account is created when the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 is installed onto a Windows XP computer. The user is created for the worker process used in Microsoft's Internet Information Services to fully support on your web server (This is pretty much its only use, it is not used to run normal .net managed executables) . There is not a need to worry about this users presence, it was not created in malicious way. The account is vital if you do development work on your machine. By removing the account you may find some of your projects will no longer function correctly.

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    How would I do this in windows 2000 pro?

    get rid of the logon that is?

    I tried this one and it didn't seem to work

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