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Thread: Destinator 3, PPC Emulator

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    Destinator 3, PPC Emulator

    Hmm, has DL the Destinator3 Sw package of the net for testing purposes to see how it handles copmapred to AutoRoute 2004 which I personally thinks is awesome, needs the voice but otherwise its one of the best SW for navihations I have tested (Actually owns this one legally), so I did a and found out that Destinator 3 apparantly only runs on PPC - that sucks, especially since my CarPC (a laptop at the moment) runs on Windows XP MCE (Media Center Edition) and the same will be vali for my CarPC when finsihed, well put my head on my paws, put on the thinking ears (used at special occasions ) and started thinking, kind of figured - there must be a way to fool the PC into thinking its a PPC running 2003 instead, tried different things, but no matter what it didn't work.

    Then as I was playing MAME I saw rhe light at the end of the den entrance - there must be an emulator for this, did a and found out our *beloved friend* Bill Gates actually has something on their homesite that claims to be an PPC 2003 emulator, so one can test PPC appz on a stationary machine - well before I send one of my stationary PCs to kingdom come of ****ed up installations (Have send quite a few there in my time) I wanted to ask you guys, has anyone done this before or will I be the one that boldly goes where noone has been before

    Not sure it will work but if no one else has tested and made sure it don't work - I will fly with the eagles and dare proberly tomorrow, need to backup my machine before launching this test, and backing 400 Gigs take a little bit of time .

    But if someone already been there, done that and ruined it, then it would be nice to know

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    The PocketPC Emulator that comes as part of the dev kit doesn't actually emulate a pocketpc per se.. It simulates the machine, but not the processor. Apps running in the pocketpc emulator are actually x86 applications.

    I believe it has some kind of funky 'pasthrough' mode where it runs code on a real pocketpc and comes back through for remote debugging...

    really this is a development tool, and it's really not suitable for use in this fashon unfortunately. I have been investigating ARM and Xscale emulation (I would like to do an emulator for a Garmin StreetPilot 26x0 GPS on the carpc) and unfortunately there is not much out there...

    Consider, too, that new pocketPC's are running at 400mhz (or greater) CPU's and a lot of carPC's are still around 1ghz-2ghz -- that is a lofty goal for an emulator. I imagine the level of complexity to be somewhere around emulatng a PowerPC macintosh, and while that has been done (sheepshaver and pearpc), it has certainly been a long time coming.. very hard problem...
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    The PocketPC emulator is for developers to test out their code while developing embedded applications before compiling them for the PocketPC architecture.

    Once they are compiled, they are unable to be run on the PocketPC emulator, as the emulator only runs the source code as it's interpreted on an X86 machine using X86 instruction sets, not the PocketPC instruction sets.

    This also means that native PocketPC applications don't run in the emulator.

    This is what I seem to remember from 3 years ago when I was creating my own application in EVB (Embedded Visual Basic) to run on a PocketPC to display system information (temperature, cpu speed/usage etc) from a host PC anywhere in the world (if your PocketPC has an internet connection) which I was writing for my Computer Science A Level coursework (of course, most other people did some crappy database in Access, I went all out )

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