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Thread: Boot time

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    Quote Originally Posted by HybridEngineer
    Kill about 2/3 of all the services not needed to run the software you need
    I did that. Mostly because I'm anal retentive... same reason I minimize desktop icons and refuse to use image-based wallpaper.... anyway...

    I noticed that cutting services made NO difference for me I'm still toying with it, but so far that's done nothing.

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    I alot of those services are automatic. Windows won't start them up until someone or something needs that service. By setting it to Disabled Windows will not be able to start that service. I can't remember where but there are a lot of sites that can tell you which services to get rid of. I know Maximum PC does a write-up damn-near everyother month about them. I'll have to go back and take a look soon.

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    131 has a list of services which are safe to disable...

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