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Thread: Mp3 To Mp4 and Mp4 to Mp3 ALL things MUSIC!

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    mp3pro wasn't designed for music but for voice at very low bitrates. Even at high bitrates mp3pro doesn't sound as good as mp3.

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    I see, that makes sence.. that would explain that sometimes strange echo effects i get with mp3pro... then MP4 it is..
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    I tried an album out in MP4 a while back, and lets just say, never again.
    My format of choice is Ogg Vorbis (as good if not better compression and sound quality to mp4, and far better than mp3).
    When trying out MP4 the cpu usage was shocking, mp3/ogg uses ~5%, at times MP4 was maxing out the cpu (2.4ghz P4).
    The sound quality was decent, but noticeabily not as good as Ogg Vorbis.
    The tagging system was extremely random, using winamp to alter the tags the files managed to be corrupt
    After that, I went back to Ogg Vorbis

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