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Thread: Program to download CD Covers to MP3 album directories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpnstail
    I personally use musicmastch jukebox for all my tagging needs I find it extremely easy and it gives really good results.

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    Sounds good. Does it automatically add covers for you too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgardjr
    Frodo was talking about a program that I think will do this-I think it was called MusicBrainz.
    I don't think that MusicBrainz lets you download cover art. It will display it, but it won't automatically download it for you.
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    MusicBrainz is for ID3 and filename edition as far as I know - didn't realise it would display the image... maybe there's a way of interacting with it for the album art... I'll dig into that direction, thanks

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    This guy wrote a program that downloads album art from Amazon...

    It used the .NET Framework 1.1 and has source code included
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sick-B0y View Post

    Does anyone know of a program, or a script that will parse your directory of MP3s and grap the Artist, and Album Title then retrieve a thumbnail of the CD cover from the web and place it in the folder?
    I have used Zortam Online Autotagger, which tagged my mp3's with lyrics, albums, covers, genres, tracks and worked impressive for 80%-90% of all my mp3s. A+

    You can give it a shot

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