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Thread: Different BIOS boot logo screen

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    Here it is. On my 17" LCD I get the pixels being white on the right side, on the car LCD I only see one line of pixels at the top that is white. Still annoying.

    I used this image both for Windows boot and the Award boot. It looks badass as a windows boot logo. Click for TIFF file.

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    fantastic - just done this on my M10k, still works, very pleased

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcntrk75
    What, no SUBARU boot images yet?

    Does anybody have one for a Subaru?
    I saw the STI one, and it's awesome, but i don't have an STI. so i made this one.
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    I did the modification to bios file. Everything went OK but I have one problem, I do not have floppy disk to boot from. I have created a boot CDROM and I have copied the awdflash utility and the modified bios flash. When I boot my PC,(via epia sp13000) it boots OK from the CD but it does not recognize my usb keyboard. I have enable USB peripherals from bios.
    The boot CD was created with NERO.

    Anyone could help me?

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    use a ps2 to usb converter, cheap and easy to find

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    I've been very happy with the BIOS boot logo that I made and it worked great, kept my fingers crossed the whole time.
    Now it been quite some time, and I am still pleased..

    My MB is the MII 1000 and I'm wondering how many other MB's have this capabilty.
    The reason that I ask, is making a system where space is not a big concern. There are MB's that are cheaper and more powerfull, but full-size.

    Anyway, just looking for some input on full size boards that have a BIOS that can be changed


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    aal2000, use a normal keyboard, its what i had to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddn
    Hey DDN is not bright white hard to read on daylight??

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    Does anyone have a new link for downloading the Epia Bios? I can't remember if I put a M1000, or the M12000 (same bios?) in it now, and would like to download both onto my computer to play with, and try to get this worked out. I have the image, just need to learn how to put it into the bios, and create a boot CD. This is a great thread! thanks for the info!

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    hey CDR do you still have that bmw bios file layin around...just wonderin...wanna get one for my bmw


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