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Thread: Different BIOS boot logo screen

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    Hello everyone..

    My name is Hagay and i'm from the far land of israel

    i'm building one of the first SQ car pc in israel and i would just love it if one of you guys will try and help me..

    i'm running an matx motherboard from gigabyte. it is called

    MA78GM-S2H (rev 2.0 <-- very important !!)

    my car is a SEAT IBIZA CUPRA (you don't see any of those car in the U.S - good for you !!)

    i would be very gratefull if one of you will take the time to build me an updated bios with the SEAT SPORT logo..

    here is the link to my motherboard's bios:

    and here is a link to some of the potential logo's :

    thanks alot in advance and please let me know if i'm missing something.

    Hagay b. - israel.

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum (as you can tell). This summer I'm going to be making a Mini-ITX computer, and this looks like a pretty cool hack. Just a couple quick questions:

    1) What size does the image have to be?
    2) Could I get a list of the names of the programs needed to do this please


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    240 dollars worth of pudding

    Awl yeah!!! thanks.....

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    can someone make a bios flash for me i have a pic but i dont know my bios number what all do you need to know to make one or could you tell me where to get a program that can make one

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    Quote Originally Posted by atterack833 View Post
    can someone make a bios flash for me i have a pic but i dont know my bios number what all do you need to know to make one or could you tell me where to get a program that can make one
    You know, posting this request in multiple threads won't get anymore "volunteers".

    You will need to do this yourself using either a tool specifically released for your bios, or utilities available to manipulate an existing binary flash bios image with no guarantee of working, so nobody else is going to take that on for you.

    Multiple tools for generically trying to do what your doing are listed in this thread and readily findable with a google search, but your best bet is to hope that you have an award bios with the capability of using the award utility to inject your own image with it.

    Either way you need to find your motherboard model, revision, etc and get the latest image from the manufacturer's download support site. There you might find a utility to do what you wish, and in the worst case be able to provide more information so if you still can't find anything others might actually be able to identify what tool(s) you will need to do what you want.
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    Hey folks! anyone know why i donīt have an IDE-Configuration in my BIOS i have Phoenix (donīt know wich) is there any way to get another BIOS or find the IDE-configuration in my current BIOS?

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