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Thread: Carpc Operating System?

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    Carpc Operating System?

    Im almost complete with my system, will post pics soon. I give ya a sneak peak( naaa), but It does have a 12.5" touch screen, and dual battery system using a large deepcycle battery as the carpc battery(runs 2-3 days on with out starting vehicle; and vehicle still starts); not to mention system does not need to go into hibernation/standby at all. And system is loaded with everything. And best of all I get to ride in my dodge ram 1500 _Xtnd truck everyday 9 hrs aday 5 days a week and go out on the weekend. And even better mobile internet.
    But i still have a little more tweakin and havent figured were to mount dvd drive yet.

    Now after all that- on to the question.....?

    What media program best supports ; Music,video,gps,ext applications, internet, email,anything else. With touchscreen?

    Im looking for the best ,least bugs (list bugs if a real problem-include fix info) to use based on your most long term experience.....
    *Plus any other helpful programs/ideas a must.

    thanks for any help


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    try this: OS of choice?

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