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Thread: Linux: software suspend2 and via C3 cpus

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    Linux: software suspend2 and via C3 cpus

    Hi folks,

    I just thought someone might be interested in the fact that I managed to get software suspend2 to work with on my epiaM10K Gentoo system. For you windows users this is one of the hibernation options linux users have. According to the developer website a cpu having the pse or pse32 instruction is required and well, the C3 is without these instructions...

    I'm probably heading for a really bad crash but I thought I'd post in case if someone else is foolish enought to try this out.

    BEWARE!!! INSTALLING SWSUSP2 CAN SERIOUSLY SCREW UP YOUR SYSTEM... INSTALL AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! (actually I don't know what exactly could happen, but I'm assuming the worst)

    with that said here's what I did,

    First I started with a the plain vanilla kernel and applied the following patches

    software-suspend- and the suspend script

    patch- (from: <epia kernel patches>

    patch-vt1211-2.6.7 (don't remember where I dug this one up) <hardware sensors>

    I haven't tried to get the bootsplash portion of this thing to work although I did apply the bootsplash portion of the swsusp2 patch and it applied cleanly.

    Basically I followed the install instructions, compiled and there it was...

    My system is increadibly bloated so I can't really make any comments on how fast swsusp2 is, but compressing a 388 Mb system image and powering down took 32 seconds. I suspect once I trim down my system hibernation will be much quicker.

    Anyhow it seems to work. I've suspended twice while writing this message and I haven't had any problems... and yes, I'll be sure to update once my system becomes toast


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    2.6.8, suspend 2, No problem as well

    [QUOTE=momanz]Hi folks,
    I confirm ;-)

    Me either. I resume many many times. No problem.

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    I have an Epia 5000 and I can get my system to suspend, but not resume, it just hangs. I'll have to try the epia patches and vt1211 patch to see if it makes a difference.


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