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Thread: Can it be achieved ??

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    Can it be achieved ??

    After many weeks researching and purchasing components, the PC side of mr CarPC project is almost built. Just really waiting for the screen from the US

    However, I want to ensure I have the optimum software. I am running a P4 1.5ghz, so I should have a good degree of overkill.

    This is what I want to achieve -

    The ability to play Music/Radio and get GPS voice instructions simultaneously, The ability to switch between the media player and GPS screen without losing any data from each. So basically GPS to be embedded. To be able to go into Divx / DVD player without windows screens.

    Basically I want it fully functional like a proper GPS/Stereo system would be. |And, I want to avoid windows screens if I can.

    I currently have a copy of media Engine, Media Car, Infomap Navigator 7, and destinator 3

    Is this achievable, and if so, what software do I need and where.


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    I think you can do all that pretty easily by using Frodoplayer and autotouch...

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    I use MediaCar right now and it works great with my setup. I use it for Audio, DVD, DivX, GPS, War Driving. I do it all super smooth with a PIII 600 system. I am usually running iGuidance embedded in MediaCar for GPS while playing MP3s and running Network Stumbler in the background. Embedding apps into Mediacar make all transitions very smooth (touch of the touch screen) and I never see the desktop, just Febs awesome brushed metal skin. I've never had any issues with the system ever lagging. I would say 1.2Ghz is over-kill.


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