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Thread: playlist split between 2 hard drives?

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    Question playlist split between 2 hard drives?

    im using a tablet PC as a carcomputer
    it has a built in 15GB drive which is now full of music
    i want to add an external drive if possible
    but i want to be able to see all the files from both drives

    ive been using mediacar but im open to using other software
    are there any front ends that will allow music to be split between two drives?

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    Shamelessly stolen from the MediaEngine FAQ, but will work with any program

    Quote Originally Posted by phat_bastard
    If you're using Win2k or WinXP and have your media drives formatted with NTFS, you can use either of the following methods to allow you multiple folders for media.

    1) Use the Disk Management applet inside Computer Manager, and mount your drives inside an empty folder on another drive. Using this method you can have a single drive dedicated to one folder, and mount it inside a folder on a third drive, or your boot drive.

    2) Find and download a program called junction.exe from and create hard links of folders (or files if you want).

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    just move all the mp3s to the external drive
    rebuilding carpc... kinda..

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