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Thread: Different front-end offerings...What to choose???

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    Different front-end offerings...What to choose???

    Hi guys,

    I'm new here so please be nice... I have noticed there are really a BuNCH of different touch-front ends for carpcs, and at this moment (waiting for my xenarc & gps to arrive so I can start hacking away, and also searching for a permanent setup carpc) I am really full of doubts...

    Can someone help me out? Is there an overview of the different car systems? MediaCar, MediaEngine, NeoCar, AutoTouch, etc, etc, etc...

    I would like to have, dvd, divx, mp3 support + navigation (I'm in brazil so I think i will need something that is compatible with the Destinator maps that are available for brazil), camera for rearview, phone control, photos maybe, etc...

    I would like to know the pros and cons of as many platforms as you guys are familiar with... I'm probably going to compile a list later and put it up somewhere on the web to help people in the future, but if you guys give me some input then I'll have a headstart and wont have to test it all on my own... or maybe just a list of different ones? (I keep coming across new ones almost daily on these forums, since most dont have a dedicated forum)

    So I really dont know what front end to choose... I have downlaoded a bunch but I'm really not sure which one will suit me better... can I get some advice?

    Thanks guys!

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    Coming from someone who has used many bits of software, and who is writing their own software (AIMEE), the only suggestion I can make is:

    Try them all. Which software you use is a very personal thing.

    There are some bits of every application I have used that I like, and bits of each that I don't. Hopefully, AIMEE will have all the bits that I like from each, and not any of the bits I don't. Whether this will be the same list of likes/dislikes, I don't know, but providing I use the software and enjoy it, I'll be happy!

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