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Thread: PC Remote Control 4

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    PC Remote Control 4

    Couple of days ago I downloaded PCRC 4 ( I couldn't get Girder to work with my computer and my remote - Creative Labs PC-DVD remote). PC Remote Control works great, but...
    I was able to configure buttons 1-8 to open different apps in XP in default layout: 2 for Winamp, 4 for Routis, 8 for Mobile Media Center, etc. Then I created a new remote and layout for Windows Media Player and configured basic playback buttons for it (play, stop, pause, next, prev). It worked when I tested it. I then created a new remote and a new layout for Winamp. Configured same buttons with different commands for Winamp. But when I test them in Winamp they don't work. Windows Media configuration still works thou. What am I doing wrong here?
    Same thing with my mute button. I configured it in the default layout to mute system volume. Now I can't use it in the Windows Media layout as F8 (hotkey for mute). Mute button on the remote only mutes system volume when WMP is open.
    I know some of you guys are using PCRC. Please help.
    Thanks a lot

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    old thread but I'm thinking of buying one of ebay did you figure out how to use it in something like media engine?

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