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BTW. Thank you for everyone for contributing lets keep on posting some code so newbies/ programmers / geeks can see front end development from an "under the hood" perspective

I recently made my front end an MDI application

MDI = Multiple Document Interface (for you newbies)

Why did I do this ? Simply because my main form will encase smaller forms with controls on them. Example:

I have a main control form that pops up upon startup inside my main form, the user can interact with this form because its being contained inside of the main form because its my MDI container.

From here my main controls form, can open up other functions such as: e-mail, gps, media playing. These will probably be seperate forms themselves but will still be opened up inside my main_mdi container.

Ahh, from here i'd like to mention something. is more OO (objected oriented) than before so I made a GUI class to control the opening and closing of all the forms from one central location. (see code above in this forum)

I'll be posting some code soon when I get the chance to write some, life was kinda busy the past few weeks but I assure you code WILL BE POSTED !