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Thread: installing windows xp or 98 on 1GB CF

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    installing windows xp or 98 on 1GB CF

    I've read a few things on this board about it. I want to install windows xp (stripped down) on a 1GB Compact Flash card that is hooked up to an IDE Adapter as a master drive. I have an 80GB external HDD for my files. I found an artical on microsoft's site about loading windows on CF cards, but I cant find it now. Has anyone done this? Any help would be cool. Thanks.

    I need to stick with windows bc my wife hates linux.


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    Xenarc 700TSV 7" TFT LCD Monitor
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    1GB PQI Compact Flash

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    Main thing to think of is read and write limits..
    XP uses a swap file that duplicates memory ( that will have to be disabled )

    There have been MANY MANY threads on this..

    consensous is to use XP Embedded.. which is just an image of the operating system stored on solid state media..

    also, some Microsoft components freak out once they see " removable media "

    XP embedded is very expensive for the designer, but lic is only $90

    Other than that, search for more info here, there is tons

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    Just use 98lite. You can get Win98 image in 65Mb. License $15+ $25 for 98Lite= $40.
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    See my new thread. Post there. Love it. Keep it alive

    You can download a 120-day evalution of XPe from for FREE.

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