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Thread: Some questions about linuxBIOS

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    Some questions about linuxBIOS

    I been searching the threads and google trying to find out more information about linuxBIOS, but I can't find anything that says what's involved. I would like to know what the process is to compile a proper BIOS for the EPIA MII 10000 and what, if anything doesn't work properly. Has anyone tried it out and gotten it to work well? I'm thinking about using linuxBIOS, gentoo and DashPC to get a quick load and be able to use mp3, divx, dvd, gps. Also, I'm a newcomer to bluetooth in linux so I'd like to know how well it's supported. If anyone can get me a step by step config, or at least where I should download it (CVS?) and read the README or whatever that'd be great. TIA

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    the linuxbios website has several howtos, and while an epia board has been tested to work, I dont think yours has. Linuxbios is still very raw, and while it can speed up boot times by a dramatic factor (to the point that your harddrives dont get detected because they havent even had enough time to spin up) I suggest you experiment on an old board first. Either case, you will need a DiskOnChip, you should get a ZIF socket to replace your existing bios chip socket and be prepared to seriously void your warranty. Remember, this is a project that requires hardware, doing sick and twisted things to your board while it is powered on and a lot of trial and error.
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    You will need BiosSavior for sure. Linuxbios has many branches and most of them are dead for EPIA-M. Still there is no solid VGA part. It slows down AGP ops by factor 2.
    The best boot time I get was 7secs. So right now there is no reason to go to LB. Another option may be fastboot from VIA. They have version which supports Linux as well.
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