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Thread: Linux MP3 software with character LCD support

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    Linux MP3 software with character LCD support

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to linux and after having bought an Epia 5000 I need to run Linux as DOS wont work well (the on board sound it terrible, and I can't get the PCI card to work).

    I want to use Linux, but have a character LCD display (20x4). What software do you recommend I use to play MP3s?

    Also I want to write my own front end, is this possible in php or perl (I'd need libaries, yes?). But this is not as important as to find the MP3 playing software.

    Also, what distro do you recommend for a novice who wants fast boots?

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    Sorry I don't know the perl module for mp3 playback. You can get Python module for that.
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    This would be cool....
    It is really made to be a wifi network mesh box but it has an mp3 player and movie software. It also has a download that will just boot from the CD and run in ram. very cool to just test it out!
    Randell Kelly

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    Cheers you two!

    I'll have a look through the python stuff tomorrow, and also try out that LocustWorld thing.

    I didn't actually mean I'd write my own player though, so if there is a player in linux that outputs details to the LCD I'd like to know where to find it.

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    Use irmp3 ( I found it the other day and it's EXACTLY what I was looking for. Works a treat so far - sounds like I am doing a similar thing to you. Let me know how you get on!

    I've got Mandrakelinux but no carputer yet (I'm waiting for the price to come down on the most expensive parts). It's fairly slow to boot at the moment but I think it could be optimised.

    Have you made your own case for the 20x4 LCD screen? If so, how did you do it? I think that's the next job for me...

    Is the onboard sound on the EPIA 5000 no good then? I think that's what I was going to get.



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    That looks nice Ning!
    But what distro would you reconmend?
    I'm using Mandrake with Gnome on my desktop.
    But i'm absolutely not an expirienced linux user.

    I think it's importend that:

    There's no login screen
    It will autolaunch the mp3 software
    It's stable enough for use without a monitor
    IRMp3 works on it

    Who can help me out?

    I'm asking this becouse i had win98se installed on my carputer, but it never worked nicely.
    Had to reboot prety much, becouse of the LCD-only install.

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    Oh have made my own 'case' for the 40x4...
    I got myself the thing that is in the radio slot when the car is new.
    (I hope you know what i mean)
    There i cut out the display, and stick the display trough the hole.
    It never fall out, and looks pretty nice, whith the chrome of the display!
    Oh and i still can remove it against theft.

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    I'm new to this but what about the Winamp linux-cloned version?

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