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Thread: Problems with Cobra 1

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    Post Problems with Cobra 1

    Finnaly got my LCD screen here and I've now run into a problem:

    In Windows 98, with a 4x40, compatible LCD screen connected to LPT1 and a IRMan Infrared Receiver + Remote connected to Com2. Whenever I run Cobra, it gives me this message twice for some reason:

    Could not initialize IR-device
    Make sure your set the COM-port correct
    After that, press Apply to try initialization again.

    Once initialized correctly you can setup your keys.

    No matter what I set the Comport to, I get this message. By editing the mp3player ini file, I got it to actually recognize my button presses on my remote (though it still gives me the error message), but after saving the ini and looking at it, all of the buttons are labeled under the same 3 codes or so (like key 1, key 2, key 3 will all be the same #)... And when running the actual software it doesn't recognize the key presses from the remote (and lots of time crashes when pressing a button).

    Anybody can offer some help either here or in #mp3car?


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