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Thread: Will it format if I install win98?

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    Question Will it format if I install win98?

    I previously made a DOS (actually a Win95 Dos boot) mp3 machine that ran DAMP and qbasic....

    but now I changed my mind (AGAIN) and I decided to go win98 for the usb 4-ch sound system. If I install onto teh harddrive, will the win98 install CD re-format my HDD and erase all my mp3s?

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    Nope it will just install, to where you like it to go.

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    If you boot from the CD and run the OEM setup, it will. If you use the install disk that comes with it, yes, it will. So, use a regular boot disk with CD-ROM drivers and then run "setup.exe" from the root of the CD. You may have a problem installing the OEM on anything but a blank HD.

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