Hi All,
I have been in the process of developing an MP3 player for my car. I started out using a Gateway desktop PC to get the configuration just right and to debug the LCD display (20X4 parallel port). I am using MPXFTSR and MPXPLAY. Once I was sure that it worked the way I wanted it to on the desktop, I purchased a MB with integrated video and audio for the car player. Wired everything up and configured the software the way I wanted it. Every once in a while, when the in car unit boots up, instead of running MPXFTSR and MPXPLAY, it will just reboot itself over and over endlessly. It did this even on the bench, and all connections are solid. I have Win98 boot to a DOS prompt without the GUI, and Autoexec.bat runs MPXFTSR and MPXPLAY with the desired command line switches. The MB for the car player has shared RAM for the video, it is not dedicated video RAM. This is the only major difference between the systems. Can anybody make any suggestions??
Thanks and sorry for the long winded post.