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Thread: Serious LCD problem! HELP!!!

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    Red face Serious LCD problem! HELP!!!

    I fixed the problem now. It was just windows doing whatever and lortyporoblem was because there was pieces of LCD plugin left.

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    I think it is gone to LCD heaven. One of my 40x4 LCD did that to me. Could never get it working. If there is a way to reset the HARDWARE, then it might work. I tried reseting through c/c++ code and no go. Personally, i think LCDs just don't cut it anymore when it comes to in car audio system. I mean if you are going to put a PC in the car, do it right. Get a TFT screen and call it a day.

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    I dont think LCD's are alowed to store information on board, I got mine to go chinese once, just for sake of it :P

    Basically to fix try rewire it all, I aint sure if they actually store anything on the chips that is writeable. A person to ask is Natwilson (Zip-Lock) in #mp3car on efnet.

    He made my LCD and seems to know a fair bit about em.

    If you find a solution to the problem please email me the problem --> solution so I can put on the faq.


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    The typical character LCD does not have any nonvolatile storage onboard. There is RAM where the characters that show on the screen are stored, and a small amount of RAM for several custom characters (you can make arrows and other icons not normally available), but this all gets lost when the LCD is disconnected from power.
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