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Thread: Keep App on top for LCD application

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    I just e-mailed it to you. Let me know if it worked OK for you.
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    Well I'll be Dammed! I'm a MEMBER! Woo Hoo!
    Ummm... sorry about that. I've waited for that for quite a while...

    Thanks for the posts! I've tried most of the examples posted so far and they're on the right track, but still have a few problems...

    Anyway, as far as my app goes, picure this:
    Shell set to my app. My app starts Winamp. Guess who has focus/active? Winamp. I'd need a keyboard hook that stops keypresses from reaching Winamp.
    One thing I've tried that works ok is a "starter" program. It is set to shell, starts Winamp on load, waits 5 sec, then starts my prog. Works fine, and would suffice for the other hooks posted so far, but this method would have the same occasional problems I'm experiencing now - Winamp occasionally gets on top.

    Anyone have a keyboard hook (or keep on top app) that disables keypresses from getting to the active app?
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