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Thread: Simple Mp3

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    Simple Mp3

    Hi, I donīt have a TFT screen so I wanted to build an Mp3 player, controled by a serial remote control and display de artist and song in an alphanumeric LCD parallel display 2 X 16. Can I do this with winamp?? where do i look for plugins??, is there an other software better?? Thanks

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    type "Winamp LCD plugin" in google...
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    here's a winamp plugin:

    which is fine, if you want to install windows, and wait on it to bootup/shutdown.
    but if all you have is a 2x16 lcd, and all you're going to do is play mp3's,
    there is also a decent Dos mp3 player with lcd support, MPXPlay,
    useable by itself, or with some different frontends:

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    if your using windows, you can use LCDC, they have winamp 2.x, 3 and 5 plugins, but they might only be useable with matrix orbital LCDs, that was what i used for my first carputer

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