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Thread: How do I make my PC boot faster?

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    Does anyone know if the Shuttle FV24 supports Suspend to RAM?
    If it does, that would make it the ultimate mp3car motherboard. (Except of course, a built-in LCD controller...)
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    My boot time is about 5 or 6 seconds

    My boot time is about 6 seconds i hit the button on the stop watch right before i turn the computer on I am using windows 98 second edition system files( dos7.xx ) with mpxplay.

    I have a VIA EPIA Eden 5000 Mini-ITX Motherboard, It uses any ATX form psu (supposely can run off only a 60watt source) , I have 64megs PC133, The prossesor on this is like 533mhz or 500 something not sure it boots past that so fast its hard to see it.

    The only bios setting I changed was setting the optimal settings option then turning hard drives to manual instead of auto and putting none for the cd rom. I use the onboard vga for video at the moment ( havent finished my carputa ) and a 3.5" IDE hard drive i will be getting a laptop drive and I have an LCD 24x2 display for my carputa I will be using later.

    First I have to find a DC-DC power supply that is right for me, I have concluded that I deffinately need a very small one 50mm high 170mm wide and 30mm or less for the third dimmension. OH! and the motherboard only measures 17cm Square. SOOOO small! I bought it for $98 from idot computers over the net.

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