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Thread: Cassiopeia E-125 -- who can write me a program for it?

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    Post Cassiopeia E-125 -- who can write me a program for it?

    I have a Cassiopeia E-125 and wondered if I could use this to control Winamp via the cradle and the USB port?
    I would mount the cradle in the car and run power to it from the PC - then when the player was booted up, i'd have controls like in Winamp to control the track being played.
    I am in no way a developer so I'd have no idea where to start!
    Just a thought - can anyone help?
    Best regards,

    Darren Thrower

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    It will cost u more to have a programmer write you that app than it would cost you to get an IRman/x-10 remote. Get my point. Also even if you do find an app out there written for that pda, it will prolly be more like $20 and might NOT have all the features you need. After a while, you will want something better trust me on that
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    I have a EM500 and I know you can use windows terminal services (if you have used pcanywhere, it's like that, just faster) through your usb sync hookup. If you have a pocket pc, you can have a lot of control over your pc with terminal services.


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