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Thread: .exe editor?

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    Can we see the image you're trying to use?

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    yeah... Thats what I want...but by the time its in 16 colors...its just a black and white blob..
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    In the proper format.

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    This guide is great:
    Although the hex-positions are not the same in SP2 as in SP1m
    so if you're using SP2, you'll have to use thease values instead:
    Hex addresses 75688 to 756C6 contain the screen's palette.
    Hex addresses 37344 to 37347, 3912D to 39130, and 391B9 to 391BC contain the first progress bar string (62 01 00 00).
    Hex addresses 373C2 to 373C5 and 391AF to 391B2 contain the second progress bar string (6A 01 00 00).

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    if BootXP craps out on you (it did that on my carputer) try Inno Logo instead. Worked awesome for me, and supports custom palletes.
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