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Thread: winamp gps interface release - for the brave or foolish only

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    Cool winamp gps interface release - for the brave or foolish only

    As of tonight, my java winamp-gps interface has been roadtested and passed with flying colors (at least, so far). If you'd like to try it, it's available at

    Basically, it monitors a gps on a serial port, and will load a playlist based on rules you specify. It also does automatic volume adjustment based on speed.

    Installation may be problematic, since it is java based and does require a couple of other packages to be installed as well. Instructions are on my site.

    This is strictly use at your own risk. Bug reports and feature suggestions will be read, but I make no guarantees to do anything about them.

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    Cool, nice work.

    I'd give it a try myself, but it'd interfere with my use of a full GPS navigation program. I wouldn't want to have to fiddle with what plugins I use just to launch my GPS nav.

    The automatic volume adjustments based on speed sound handy though!
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    yeah, that feature is kool.
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